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Helping the departed find peace is all in a day’s work for half-Shinigami Rinne Rokudo, but the poor guy is in over his head when more mysterious interlopers from the spirit world start to create problems for him and the ever-collected Sakura Mamiya. With the introduction of a new teacher, a new Shinigami girl, and a host of restless spirits with “personal issues,” Rinne’s life is only going to get crazier!

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Episodes (20)

Episode 1: Gold License

When Sabato gets caught distributing fake Shinigami Gold licenses, Rinne discovers that his father might have been a genius Shinigami in high school!

Episode 2: The Cursed Ace / Draw Me

A ghost hand seems to have a grudge against a member of the track team. Later, Sakura discovers a mysterious female spirit who demands art students to draw her face.

Episode 3: Wheel of Reincarnation Cleanup Day/Infinite Malice/A Puppy in the Rain

Rinne and the other Shinigami are tasked with cleaning the Wheel of Reincarnation. The dangerous work only gets worse when a brawl breaks out, and Damashigami enter the scene.

Episode 4: Ane at the Shopping Mall

Sakura meets a fortune teller who illegally possesses a Shinigami tool. Rinne goes to collect it, but the fortune teller won't give up her crystal ball without a fight.

Episode 5: Kuroboshi Sansei/The Lucky Pot/Bamboo Shoot in Rainbow Color

Tamako asks Rinne to train a young black cat to support a Shinigami, but this cat's particular phobia gets in the way. Later, Rinne hopes to intercept a "lucky" pot of money!

Episode 6: Special Protected Sacred Bird/ Imaginary Picture / The Safe From Hell

Shoma offers to pay Rinne handsomely to take care of a sacred bird, forgetting to mention the bird's frightening appetite. Later, Sakura meets the ghost of an angry bride.

Episode 7: Wandering Power Stone/ Poltergeist/ The Taboo in the Shinigami World

Jumonji finally gets a chance to impress Sakura when he tries to quell a mischievous spirit. Later, Sakura and Rinne help a "creepy" spirit give the performance of his life.

Episode 8: Open After Seven Days / Silver Scythe / Prince of Shinigami

A cursed doll from Ageha's past comes to haunt Renge. Later, Rinne helps a spirit by setting her up on a date with Matsugo, despite Matsugo's lingering affections for Rinne!

Episode 9: Apologize in The Altar Room/Goddess of Wisdom/River of Treasure

Sabato falls victim to the mackerel curse! Later, Jumonji invites Sakura to study for a test at his place, only to have his alone time with her horribly interrupted.

Episode 10: The First Union Meeting / An Ominous Prophecy

Someone is trying to take over the Damashigami Company! Later, when Renge tries to steal Annette's Peep Ball, she sees a vision of Kain... putting handcuffs on her?

Episode 11: Mystery Of The Flower Field / I'll Lend You My Right Arm / Black Report Card

A search for Kain goes awry as Ageha and Matsugo continue to fight for Rinne's affection. Later, Sakura notices that Rinne, who never studies, is passing every test. How?

Episode 12: Evil Spirit in the Summer House / Eggplant Romance / One Coin Investigation

Rinne tries to purify a poltergeist, and Sakura helps a spirit who's scared of eggplants. Later, the group takes a trip to a festival to bust a Damashigami scheme.

Episode 13: Otome the Shinigami

While visiting a pawn shop Rinne discovers something related to his mother, and learns more about her. Later, Sakura and Rinne check on a little girl who can see spirits.

Episode 14: Lies and Truth

Sabato reveals an interesting detail concerning the disappearance of Rinne's mother, leading the others to a startling revelation about little Ichigo's true identity.

Episode 15: Kokkuri-san/Cursed Piggy Bank/The Hated Sansei

Ichigo asks Rinne to banish "Kokkuri-san". Sabato tries to offload a cursed piggy bank. Later, Sansei makes another attempt to fight his fear of spirits.

Episode 16: Curse of Splurge / The Cursed Peep Ball

Stingy Annette finds herself suddenly unable to save money. Is it truly a snake spirit's curse? Later, Masato attempts to sabotage Rinne's happiness... again.

Episode 17: Head Man / When You Wish Upon the Moon / The First Saury Festival

Refuto hires Rinne to protect an offering of delicious dumplings. Later, Rinne looks forward to a Saury Festival... with one hidden condition.

Episode 18: The Practical Training for Capturing a Dream Demon

Rinne's dreams are being invaded by a Dream Demon. To stop the madness, Rinne and Matsugo have to capture a it in a world where one person's dream is another's nightmare!

Episode 19: Nothing Inside / Mystery of Koshikudake Hill / Effect of the Matsutake Mushroom

Incidents around steamed buns make life difficult for Rinne and Rokumon. Later, Rinne experiences a problem originating from a mysterious package of mushrooms.

Episode 20: Wings of Celebration / Kabakichi-kun / Scream of a Cassette Tape

Something terrible has happened to Matsugo: he's turned into an angel! Worse, he's HELPING people! Later, Sakura and Ichigo bump into Shoma as he tries to help a hippo spirit.